The Perfect 10

In The Perfect 10: 10 Leadership Principles to Achieve True Independence, Extreme Wealth, and Huge Success by Dave Liniger with Laura Morton, Dave shares fifty-plus years of business insights to help guide future generations of entrepreneurs as they pursue their professional dreams. Beyond being a real estate magnate, Liniger is a major philanthropist, a serial investor in new ventures, a franchising expert, an educator, a former NASCAR team owner and driver, the proprietor of one of the world’s most successful Arabian horse breeding outfits, the owner and operator of Sanctuary, a one-of-a kind private golf club and preserve, and the impetus behind the Liniger Center of Franchise Studies at the University of Denver’s Daniels College of Business.

Half a Century of Wisdom

Drawing from his varied and unique life experiences, as well as from the wisdom of successful friends, colleagues, authors, historical figures, and long-time inspirations, Liniger’s business magnum opus—a nearly 500-page practical primer and love letter to young and future moguls—was written with the next half century of innovative entrepreneurship in mind.

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Exploring everything from pitching to venture capitalists; developing leadership abilities in an ever-changing social and economic climate; marketing in an age of so many meaningfully ways to reach consumers; to making the most of what AI has to offer, Liniger leaves no stone unturned. This book is must-reading for anyone with a penchant for new ideas, fire in their belly, and a deep-seated desire to be a perfect 10 in their respective field. It is especially enlightening for franchisors and franchisees!

My Next Step


Dave’s first book, the New York Times Bestseller My Next Step: An Extraordinary Journey of Healing and Hope, is a remarkable memoir of one man coming face to face with the darkest moments of his life and how, through his own drive and the unwavering support of family and friends, he never succumbed to despair. Overnight, Dave’s full and varied life almost came to an abrupt end. Doctors discovered he had a horrific staph infection along his spine that left him paralyzed from the neck down and in excruciating pain.

My Next Step chronicles how Dave found reserves of strength to fight through his pain. He drew inspiration from his wife, Gail, who had shown incredible grace and courage during her recovery from a tragic airplane crash twenty-nine years earlier.

His guiding light was the mantra, “Just 10 steps.” If he could take 10 steps, he could take 20. If he could take 20, he could walk a mile. After three critical surgeries and six grueling months in the hospital, Dave finally returned home. My Next Step will inspire those facing tragedy to find the courage to accept their situation and do what’s necessary to take the next step toward a meaningful life.